Jean Monnet Enhancing Learning EU at School: A follow up Project for Digital European Union
Jean Monnet European Values at School
Marie Curie -Europeanization of Public Debates and Civil Society in Turkey (EUROCIV) - Alper Kaliber
Jean Monnet Digital European Union: an E-Book for Primary School and High School students in Turkish
Marie Curie Enlargement and EU funded projects in Turkey: from design to implementation (EUTUR) - Claire Visier
Jean Monnet Chair of European Politics of Interculturalism - Ayhan Kaya
7th Framework: Identities and modernities in Europe
7th Framework: Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe (ACCEPT PLURALISM)
European Parliament Consultancy
Jean Monnet Chair in EU Political and Administrative Studies - Senem Aydın-Düzgit
Research on Kurdish Media, Migration and Conflict - Kevin Smets
Marie Curie - The Europeanisation of the Organisations in the Prospect of the European Integration (EUROCS) - Cristiano Bee
TUBITAK - Living with indeterminacy: being an undocumented migrant in Istanbul - Dr. Meltem Sancak
Horizon 2020 Cultural Heritage Project (CoHERE)
DAAD-Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
Horizon 2020 Future of EU-Turkey Relations (FEUTURE)
Jean Monnet Module: 'Flipped Course' on EU/FlipEU
Horizon 2020 (RESPOND) Multilevel Governance of Mass Migration in Europe and Beyond
European Research Council (ERC) - Nativism, Islamophobism and Islamism in the Age of Populism: Culturalisation and Religionisation of what is Social, Economic and Political in Europe
Horizon 2020 (MATILDE) Migration Impact Assessment to Enhance Integration and Local Development in European Rural and Mountain Regions
Academic Network for EU Studies (A-NEST) in Turkey
Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence
European Studies Field of Excellence
Radicalization Field of Excellence
Jean Monnet Chair: BILGINormsEU
Uzak Komşular: Türk-Alman İlişkilerinde Siyasi Anlatıları ve Görsel Kültürü Keşfetmek
ValEUs - Foreign policy issues: Values and Democracy
PLEDGE - Politics of Grievance and Democratic Governance