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BİLGİ European Institute has been awarded a “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence”
1 st Jean Monnet Chair Student Workshop was held in Dolapdere Campus 2013
Center of Excellence Jean Monnet European Values at School project's launch conference was held in Santral Campus
Jean Monnet Student Workshop 2013
Jean Monnet Chair Conference: "Transnational Space and Mobility: Migration, Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism"
Meeting of Jean Monnet Program "Digital European Union: An e-book for high school student in Turkish"
Jean Monnet Chair Conference on “Uncovering Citizenship: New Claims in Turkey and the EU” was held at BİLGİ
Jean Monnet Program: e-Book for high School Students, Roundtable on existing experience on IT Learning Materials
Jean Monnet Programı “Lise ve İlköğretim Öğrencileri için Türkçe e-Kitap Projesi”
Jean Monnet Scholarship applications for 2011-2012
International Relations Department and the European Institute has received a Jean Monnet Module on 'Europe and Migration' granted by the European Union Commission.
2nd Jean Monnet Student Workshop was held in May 2014
“Learning EU at School: e-Book II “ Project nearly completed - Final event on Septembre 24th 2014
Enhancing Learning EU at School: A follow-up project for Digital European Union Final Conference 24 September 2014
Jean Monnet Program "European Values at School" Project - 2nd Teachers Workshop
Lifelong Learning Jean Monnet Program "European Values at School" Project - 3rd Teachers Workshop
Compass No: 2 - "BILGINormsEU: JM Chair on Norms and Turkey-EU Relations" Teaser Trailer
Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Project “European Values at School” Final Event
A New Jean Monnet Module: A ‘Flipped Course’ on EU/FlipEU
2018-2019 Jean Monnet Scholarships Programme
European Institute Celebrates 9 May Europe Day
Jean Monnet Burs Tanıtım Toplantısı: 8 Ekim 2019
8 Ekim 2019 - Jean Monnet Burs Tanıtım Toplantısı
JEAN MONNET KÜRSÜSÜ: “BILGINormsEU: JM Chair on Norms and Turkey-EU Relations”
Jean Monnet Burs Programı 2023- 2024 Akademik Yılı Başvuruları Başladı!



BİLGİ European Institute has been awarded a “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence”


İstanbul Bilgi University’s European Institute has been selected for “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence” with the "European Values at School - EUducate" project. Having received a very high score during the evaluation process, BİLGİ thus became the fourth university to be nominated as “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “ in Turkey as a result of intensive academic work on European Integration since 1996.

İstanbul Bilgi University has already been awarded three Jean Monnet Modules for highly specialised teaching on EU development in the fields of political science, economy and international relations as well as three Jean Monnet Chairs within the European Institute and the Department of International Relations in 2011, 2013 and 2022. 

The “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “ which is the latest award received by BİLGİ within the framework of Life Long Learning Programme, will provide an enhanced support for interdisciplinary academic studies and research on European Integration as well as for public activities on Europe and the EU. 


Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kaya

Istanbul Bilgi University 

Director of the European Institute 



“BILGINormsEU: JM Chair on Norms and Turkey-EU Relations”


Member of BİLGİ Department of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and Vice-Director of European Institute, Faculty Member, PhD Özge Onursal Beşgül’s project titled ‘BILGINormsEU: JM Chair on Norms and Turkey-EU Relations’, an application to European Commission Erasmus+ Program Jean Monnet Chair, has been entitled to receive support for 36 months. 

Faculty Member, PhD, Özge Onursal Beşgül will carry out her duty as the President of Jean Monnet Chair, a post entrusted to those faculty members who have expertise in European Union (EU) studies within the framework of Erasmus+ program, between March 1, 2022-February 28, 2025.

The project aims to examine how different norms and policies are formed within European Union and how these norms and policies are reflected at national levels. As part of the project, three different courses will be conducted on international organizations, the EU, and norms in Jean Monnet Chair. At the same time, public webinars and podcasts will be organized. At the end of the project, all the materials of the project including the contents of the courses and their outputs will be shared with public on the webpage of the project. The goal of the project, which will specifically address young people who are relatively new to European studies, is to ensure the emergence of different public perspectives regarding Turkey-EU relations.

In the project, Prof. Ayhan Kaya from our University’s Department of International Relations and Prof. Ayşe Uyduranoğlu from Department of Economics will work as senior researchers. Faculty Member, PhD Mehmet Ali Tuğtan from Department of International Relations will work as expert and advisor and Faculty Member, PhD Büke Boşnak from Department of International Relations and doctoral candidate Veysi Kondu from Boğaziçi University’s Department of Political Science and International Relations will work as experts. Doctoral candidate Bahar Özay from Boğaziçi University’s Department of Political Science and International Relations and doctoral candidate Suna Gökçe Kızılkaya from İstanbul Bilgi University’s Political Science Program will work as researchers.

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