İstanbul Bilgi University is a non-profit institution of higher education with over 14.000 students (50% of whom are on scholarship) and a Faculty of nearly 800. BİLGİ offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in social sciences, economics, business, communications, arts, law, engineering and architecture.
Since it’s 
establishment in 1996, BİLGİ is known for adopting an open-minded position in important social and political debates in Turkey and has been involved in discussions and debates concerning the EU integration process but also on sensitive social and societal issues.

The “European vocation” of Bilgi has in fact led to the launch of the Centre for European Studies which, later in 2007, became the “European Institute”. The European Institute undertakes in-depth research on EU politics and policies with a specific emphasis on diversity and pluralism.
Building on EU expertise acquired within BİLGİ, the European Institute is now the primary focus for the interdisciplinary study of processes of integration in the politics, legal systems, society and economies of Europe.
To this end, the European Institute supports interdisciplinary academic programs on EU studies and undertakes interdisciplinary research with primary focus on themes such as processes of integration, Europeanization, multiculturalism, diversity, and construction of European identities.
Besides many other EU funded (numerous FP7 projects)  and international projects, the Institute has been awarded a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Award (2013), two Jean Monnet Chairs, and several other Jean Monnet modules and Learning EU at School Projects.
The European Institute is also active in outreach projects and is involved in training Turkish high school students and teachers in fundamental values linked to EU such as human rights, pluralism and diversity.


Institute Staff

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kaya (Director)

Faculty Member, PhD Özge Onursal-Beşgül (Department of International Relations)

Dr. Ayşe Tecmen (ERC Project Researcher)

Jais Georges Robert Adam, MA (ERC Project, Researcher)

Emre Gönen, MA (Department of International Relations)

Aslı Aydın Sancar, MA (Project Manager)

Emre Gür, MA (CIFE Representative for Turkey)

Didem Balatlıoğulları (Administrative Assistant)


Academic Board

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kaya (Director, Dept. Of International Relations )

Prof. Dr. Nihal İncioğlu (Dept. Of International Relations)

Prof. Dr. Kübra Doğan Yenisey (Faculty of Law)

Prof. Dr. Nurhan Yentürk (Dept. Of Economics)

Faculty Member, PhD Gresi Sanje (Dept. of Communication Design and Management)


Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kaya (Director)

Faculty Member, PhD Azer Kılıç (Dept. of Sociology)

Prof. Dr. Aslı Tunç (Dept. of Media and Communication Systems)

Prof. Dr. Cem Başlevent (Dept. of Economics)