Welcome to the seventh Newsletter of the European Institute of İstanbul Bilgi University. This issue which covers our activities for the past year 2014 reaches you at a particularly sad moment for all who support universal values and freedom of press. As the European Institute team, we share the grief and the sadness of our friends in France and elsewhere, while hoping that the solidarity which we have witnessed will pave the way for a better world. This issue contains information on the activities, publications, conferences, workshops, graduate programs, research, social outreach projects and opinions of our students. The highlight of this year is the revision of the e-book for high-school pupils, which is now accessible on our website: http://dijitalavrupa.bilgi.edu.tr. The revised version includes five new animations on women, children, environment, diversity and mobility, and education, and it includes one computer game specially designed for the young generations. Teachers Academy Foundation, ÖRAV, was very collaborative in the simplification of the language of units in the book. “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence” organized two teacher training sessions in June and September to discuss “European Values at School” with the teachers. Both sessions hosted around 60 volunteer teachers, and they attended interactive seminars with academics as well as with ÖRAV. The support of the İstanbul Directorate of National Education was very remarkable. The project will continue for two more years. İstanbul Bilgi University has already been awarded three Jean Monnet Modules for highly specialised teaching on EU development in the fields of political science, economy and international relations, as well as two Jean Monnet Chairs within the European Institute and the Department of International Relations in 2011 and 2013. In addition to other news and activities  that you will see in the Newsletter, we also would like to inform you that we have a new Marie Curie Fellow, Dr. Cristiano Bee (University of Surrey), to work on new global social movements in the Turkish and European context. Dr. Peter Widmann (DAAD Fellow) continues to do his research on Turkey-EU relations from the mediatic angle. Assoc. Prof. Alper Kaliber, a Marie Curie Fellow, has completed his research on the Kurdish Question and he is now teaching at Kemerburgaz University. Dr. Claire Visier (Université de Rennes 1), another Marie Curie Fellow, continues to investigate EU projects in Turkey funded under the Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance. In the meantime, Dr. Kevin Smets (Antwerp University), is also working with us as a short-term researcher on Kurdish Transnational Cinema. In this issue, you will find various contributions of our researchers as well.