Jean Monnet Chair Student Workshop was held in Dolapdere Campus

Jean Monnet Chair of European Politics of Interculturalism organized a student workshop in the form of a round-table discussion where undergraduate and postgraduate students coming from Istanbul Bilgi University and other Universities in Istanbul presented their papers and discussed mobility, diversity, citizenship, minorities, identities, education, multiculturalism and interculturalism. 

We thank all our students and discussants for their great contribution to the workshop. 

Açelya Duman, University of Vienna, PhD Candidate in Sociology, “University Student Austrian-Turks and Their perceptions of Homeland vs. Hostland: Is Roots Migration possible?” 

Hande Erdem, İstanbul Bilgi University, Sociology BA Candidate, “Production and Articulation of Identities among the Bulgarian Turks: Bursa” 

Nihal Şen, İstanbul Bilgi University, International Relations MA Candidate, “How Can We Explain the Activities of the National Socialist Underground in Germany Against German-Turks With the Existence and Prevalence of Xenophobia Among the German Public?” 

Fatma Hazal İnce, Sabancı University, European Studies MA Candidate, “The Relation Between the Economic Crisis and Attitude Toward Immigrants: A Comparative Analysis Between Spain and Greece in the EU Level. 

Furkan Şenay, İstanbul Bilgi University, European Studies and Political Science BA Candidate, “Interculturalism versus Multiculturalism and The Social Crisis of Europe” 

İnanç Civaz, İstanbul Bilgi University, Cultural Management MA Candidate, “Interculturalism and Multiculturalism”

Mirhan Yoğun, İstanbul Bilgi University, European Studies MA Candidate, “Much for Peace, Little for Minorities: Restraining Effect of the Treaty of Lausanne for “Minority” Concept” 

Sebahat Düzleyen, İstanbul Bilgi University, European Studies MA Candidate, “Identifying Exceptional Identities” 

Ahenk Anbar, Galatasaray University, BA Candidate, “Questioning the Perception of Citizenship in Turkish Elite High Schools” 

Cansın İlgen, İstanbul Bilgi University, European Studies MA Candidate, “Turkish-Greek Population Exchange in Historiograpy" 

Kardelen Günaydın, İstanbul Bilgi University, International Relations, 3rd year student, “Managing the Kurdish Question on the way to the EU” 


Two students' papers are published as the 6th Working paper

Ekin Can Genç, İstanbul Bilgi University, Comperative Literature BA Candidate, “Freedom of Speech and Political Correctness in Multicultural Europe”

Deniz Can Akkaya, İstanbul Bilgi University, European Union Studies BA Candidate, “The role of the EU in the Turkish-Kurdish peace process”