Oct. 30, 2018, 4:11 p.m.

It is necessary to make art universal to separate from political or other things.

So the name of my art that I made on the wall of the French Cultural Center is 'Shared Differences'. Jef Aerosol

- Born in France in 1957, Jef Aerosol is a painter who has focused his attention on street art. -





While acknowledging views with different historical, cultural, political and social outlooks occasionally lead to tensions, it is realistic to expect that this coming together will create an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding.

It is a very peaceful way to discuss the differences between Turkey and the Union member societies, which have been officially a candidate for Union since the Helsinki summit in 1999, in a dialogue with the EU for more than 50 years, with this perspective.





The French artist Jef Aerosol expresses this deep fact in similar terms. For his work on the wall of the French Cultural Center in İzmir, he says:

'People in wall paintings in Izmir, could witness Turkey with France's different encounters. Here we aimed to bring tolerance to the foreground. Turkey and France are two very nice places. '

When we look at the world that we have occupies for thousands of years, especially today's maps formed with borders drawn after 1945, people can share quite the same things in different places. Even on the other side of the world, it is quite easy to find something from yourself or your own space. Because one always looks for familiar things, and does so subconsciously. It is an existential issue; human beings seek familiarity and comfort as a survival instinct. Therefore, it's always easier to discover similar things.

But there is a situation that we are not aware of. In the same way, the unique differences of the different societies we see in different corners of the world are the same as the unique differences in our circle, the difference of being different from one another. Because the only thing that truly exists is the same thing that the others share.

It will be easier and more possible to create a trustful and peaceful environment by acting with the awareness that this shared status of difference is in fact the greatest resemblance of human beings, and by joining our life by taking the differences by value and nurturing.

Differences transforms our values, and our values are what makes us individuals

The world is beautiful with the unity of differences.


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