News / Events

New Open Access Book: "Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Between Reception and Integration"
20 Mayıs 2023 - Gençlik Araştırmaları Konferansı - Bildiri Özeti Kitabı ve Konferans Programı yayınlandı!
New Open Access Book: "Nativist and Islamist Radicalism: Anger and Anxiety"edited by Ayhan Kaya, Ayşenur Benevento, and Metin Koca
Book Chapter! "Alternative für Deutschland’s Appeal to Native Youth in Dresden Heritage Populism" by Ayhan Kaya
CIFE Graduation Ceremony in İstanbul - 28.06.2023
New open access article: "Nurturing Curiosity Beyond Identity Labels to Find the Radical: Notes on What Encourages Radical Youth to Engage in Transnational Qualitative Research", Dr. Ayşenur Benevento
Conference: "Youth Studies from Turkey to Europe: Unemployment, Migration, Digitalisation and Activism" 20 May 2023
Workshop: The Power of Narratives and Visual Culture in Transnational Cooperation: Exploring Turkish-German Relations in Political Life and Everyday Culture
New Open Access Article by Dr. Metin Koca: "Networked social movements and radicalisation: yellow vests’ cross-ideological horizon for underrepresented groups"
Book Chapter by Dr. Metin Koca: "Religiosities in a Globalised Market: Migrant-Origin Muslim Europeans' Self-Positioning Beyond the Sending and Receiving States' Politics of Religion"