As the Horizon 2020 MATILDE project draws to a close after 3 years, we are organizing an international conference to share our research findings and to enhance dialogue with key stakeholders and the public. ‘The International MATILDE Conference: Migration and Rural Development’ will be held in Villach, Austria, on 10-11 November 2022.

The MATILDE project investigated social and economic impacts of migration in rural, peripheral and mountainous regions of Europe. The MATILDE International Conference will discuss the results from 13 case study regions in 10 participating countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom).  It will also highlight ways to promote socially inclusive and territorially balanced growth by stimulating the potential for local development through migration and everyday diversity.

The Conference aims to create space for dialogue between researchers, policy-makers and various social and economic milieus in order to provide better responses to the challenges posed by migration and integration governance.

The MATILDE Conference is a 2-day event. The theme of Day 1 is “Inclusive and Engaging Rural and Mountainous Areas”. Social, economic and cultural impacts of migration in rural areas within the scope of the MATILDE project will be discussed with panel and roundtable meetings.

On the second day, entitled ‘The Future of Living Together in Rural Areas’, MATILDE action research outputs from the Austrian regions of Vorarlberg and Carinthia will be discussed from various perspectives.

The Conference will be held at 2 locations. Day 1 will be organized at the Congress Center Villach and Day 2 will be organized at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in Austria.

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