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We are pleased to invite you to the RESPOND project's final conference "Governing Migration in Europe and Beyond: New Perspectives and Lessons Learned" which will take place on 20-21 November 2020 on Zoom. You can find all conference related information on our website specifically designed for this event:

This event is the final conference of the Horizon 2020 RESPOND project which has studied the multilevel governance of migration in Europe and beyond from 2011 onwards along the so called eastern Mediterranean route/Balkan route. This conference aims to facilitate a transnational exchange between researchers and stakeholders working at local, national and international levels. More specifically, it will assess the political responses given to migration in the last five years, discuss the main findings of the RESPOND project and drawing on the lessons learned identify best practices in different sectors and localities.

The conference comprises four panels and a keynote lecture aiming to open up a forum to critically discuss the political and legal frameworks of migration, border security and migration control regimes as well as local practices of reception and integration of refugees in different countries both within EU and beyond. In addition, in country specific posters (soon will be available on the conference page) you can find the prominent findings of the RESPOND research in each country along work package themes studied: (1) Border management and security, (2) Refugee protection regimes, (3) Reception policies and (4) Integration policies.

The conference spans over 1,5 days, starting on 20 November (Friday) late afternoon at 4 pm and ends on 21 November (Saturday) at 4 pm:


20 November 2020

16:00 CET 

Five Years after: The European Refugee Crisis and the Political Response” with delegates from the European Commission, UN Refugee Agency, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany


19:00 CET 

Covid-19 Measures on Border Controls and Movement of Persons in the EU” by Elspeth Guild (Queen Mary University, London & Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands)

21 November 2020

10:30 CET

Being at the Gate: The External Dimension of European Crisis Management” with RESPOND team members from countries along the EU’s external border


13:00 CET

Challenges and Priorities in Reception and Integration” with local professionals from four major destination countries (Austria, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom)


15:00 CET

 “Lessons Learned, Best Practices, Outlook” highlighting the most prominent findings of the RESPOND research


Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further questions. For registration to the conference, please fill in the online form until 18 November 2020.


We are looking forward to your participation!

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