Research Training Workshop on 8-9 January 2020

Research Training Workshop

Aim of the research training

The aim of this training is to inform the researchers on the importance of ethics, and privacy in conducting field and desk research. At the same time, the training sessions cover proper research techniques particularly in regards to conducting face-to-face interviews. As such, in addition to covering the proper methods of dealing with issues arising from the sensitive nature of the interlocutors, this training provides valuable information on how to reach interlocutors and how to conduct the interviews vis-a-vis the open-ended question set and the quantitative survey. The training also includes a session on the importance of going over the information sheets and the consent procedures (ie. the consent form that allows for written or oral consent) with the interlocutor. This is supplemented by a review of anonymization procedures. An important aspect of this training is that the researchers will also be informed about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), which governs the protection of personal data collected in the scope of this project. This will be complemented by a training session with an IT expert who will overview the necessary encryption tools and procedures which will be used in submitting the fieldwork data to the Principal Investigator.