Sustainable Public Policies and Business Practices in the Black Sea

Date: June 20-26, 2010
Place: Santral Campus

The program has been developed by the Regional Environmental Center (REC) together with Venice International University, İstanbul Bilgi University, Agroinnova–University of Turin and the financial support of Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea based on the needs of the governments in the Black Sea Coastal Countries.

The wide range of seminars will provide participants deeper knowledge on current sustainable development issues and its practical context both on a global and regional basis.

Prof.Dr. Halil Güven, Rector of the İstanbul Bilgi University, made the opening speech
June 21, 2010 REC Seminer Series- Santral Campus

The seminar series is intended to bring together different stakeholders in upper management and to enable a platform of sharing and partnerships towards attaining the goal of sustainable development.

The courses having variety topics within the scope of climate change are intended to bring together different stakeholders in upper management from six Black Sea coastal countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Turkey) and to create a platform of sharing and partnership, working towards the goal of sustainable development. As the main theme of the seminar series is that of partnerships, a wide variety of applicants are sought from ministries and local authorities.

The Opening of 2010 İstanbul Program will commence with the Rector of İstanbul Bilgi University Prof. Halil Güven, Executive Director of REC Marta Szigeti Bonifert and Regional Director of REC Turkey and the Black Sea Region Dr. Sibel Sezer Eralp.

By attending the seminars, participants will:

* Deepen their knowledge on vital issues of sustainable development and its practical contexts;
* Be trained by a group of top lecturers from governments, international organizations, industry and universities;
* Gain an understanding of the best and worst practices in Black Sea Coastal Countries and the EU;
* Gain both practical and technical knowledge on sustainable development and environmental assets;
* Acknowledge on how the global, national and local sustainable developmental attempt are related with;
* Gain knowledge about EU environmental law and decision making process;
* Implement sustainable development concept on their institution workflow;
* Learn about the sustainable development institutions and mechanisms on EU and international level;
* Give the same importance at the economical, social and environmental developments same for recent and future generation;
* Form a communication platform between participants with other shareholders.

IMPORTANT: Only “registered participants” may attend to the seminars.

The seminar series will continue between September 26 – October 2, 2010 in Venice.

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