This Working Paper consists of two papers written by Tuğçe Erçetin and Leyla Yıldız within the framework of the 2st Jean Monnet Students Workshop organized by the Jean Monnet Chair of European Politics of Interculturalism run by Prof. Ayhan Kaya at the Department of International Relations and the European Institute. The Workshop was organized in May 2014 at the Dolapdere Campus of Istanbul Bilgi University, and both BA and MA students from the fields of European Studies, Politics, International Relations, Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Law, and Translation Studies were present to submit their academic papers on the following issues with regard to the Turkish accession process into the European Union: mobility, diversity, citizenship, minorities, identities, education, multiculturalism and interculturalism. As the emphasis of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Politics of Interculturalism is on the matters of social cohesion, the students were expected to discuss their works on the relevant issues, which are believed to be very relevant for the Turkey-EU Relations in general, and for the Turkish context in particular.Some of the papers were published on the website of the Jean Monnet Chair (

The first paper by Tuğçe Erçetin discusses some of the cultural/political/juridical/social issues of the Armenian-origin citizens through their experiences and perceptions in Turkey. The second paper by Leyla Yıldız, on the other hand, discusses gender and migration in the European context. I would like to thank both authors for their contribution to this issue. And I believe that their enthusiasm and dedication will be a good example for all our students.

Ayhan Kaya

Jean Monnet Chair of European Politics of Interculturalism

Director, European Institute

Istanbul Bilgi University