MATILDE Photo Contest

Rural and mountain regions can be considered as the heart of Europe. A heart which is playing an important role in wellbeing of Europe through agricultural production, water reserves, cultural heritage and cultural diversity…

So, it’s time to feel this heart and to capture a new rural and mountain narrative.

Funded by EU Horizon 2020, the MATILDE project aims to examine how migration impacts local development and territorial cohesion in European rural and mountain regions, as well as to improve integration and local development.

As MATILDE, our ambition is to rethink and re-represent the active role of immigrants and their descendants in rural and mountain regions of Europe.

Join our photo contest and tell us how #HeartofEurope is more prosperous, more colorful and more diverse with immigration.



Here’s what you can do to participate:

  • Fill out the application form from here.
  • Read Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Upload your photos (max 3 photos) to the application form.
  • Add a brief explanation in your post (max 300 characters for each photo), why this photo/these photos show(s) the changing and developing face of rural or mountain regions with the immigration.
  • Follow social media accounts of MATILDE project (TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedn) in order to learn up-to-date information about the competition. Also, the results of the competition will be announced through our social media channels.
  • As a collaborative project with 25 project partners and 19 supporting partners in 10 European countries, we give importance the participation. We highly encourage the participant to share their photos from their own social media profiles using #HeartofEurope and #MATILDEMigration hashtags. That way, we can share your photos from our social media channels as well.

Application dates for the MATILDE photo contest is between 9 May 2021 – 31 October 2021.

Three winners will be offered a unique and exclusive online workshop with Opher Thomson, a professional landscape photographer and director of the film ‘The New Wild: Life in the Abandoned Lands’. Opher has worked extensively in rural and mountainous regions across Europe, and the workshop will focus on techniques for better exploring, understanding and narrating places through photography.

As a collaborative project, we give importance to the participatory character. That’s why most of participants’ photographs will be shared through our social media channels and the virtual gallery of MATILDE website.

Click here to learn more about the Terms & Conditions of the photo contest.