The Swedish Institute ve İsveç Başkonsolosluğu işbirliği ile 2011-2012 akademik yılında İsveç'teki üniversiteler, yüksek okullar ve araştırma kurumlarında verilecek yüksek lisans ve araştırma bursları hakkında bilgi almak için tıklayın.

There are at this point about 600 master’s degree programs taught entirely in
English at Swedish universities. Most of them cover two years (120 ECTS).

Master’s degree programs
Since2002, around 20 Turkish students are awarded scholarships annually for master’s degree
studies in Sweden within the Swedish-Turkish scholarship program. Scholarships are given
within the field of social sciences with priority to the following areas:

Democracy/Human rights/Gender issues
European studies (EU)
Environmental studies
Social issues

A prerequisite for applying to a master’s degree program is that you have completed a threeyear
bachelor degree (180 higher education credits).

Application to Swedish universities should be made on-line.

The application for scholarship should be made separately to the Swedish Institute during the
same period (1 December – 17 January). Application instructions and further information will
be available on http://studyinsweden.se/scholarships/swedish-institute-scholarships/ from late November 2010.

Swedish-Turkish Scholarships for Human Rights Law in memory of Anna Lindh
Turkish students who have been accepted to a master’s degree program or to do research in
Human Rights Law at a Swedish university are eligible for the Swedish-Turkish Scholarships
for Human Rights Law in memory of Anna Lindh.

Master’s degree program in Human Rights Law is currently provided by the Faculty of Law at
Lund University in co-operation with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights.

Postgraduate studies, part of PhD studies and research Scholarships are provided for postgraduate studies, part of PhD studies or research.
In order to be considered for a scholarship you have to be registered at a Turkish university or research institution, and have an invitation from a Swedish university department or research institution.

The letter of invitation should be enclosed with your application. Applications should be made directly online at http://studyinsweden.se/scholarships/swedish-institute-scholarships/. Deadline for applications for the academic year 2011/2012 is 1 February, 2011.

Scholarship benefits and period At the present scholarships are SEK 8000 (approx. EUR 800) per month for master’s degree studies, SEK 12000 (EUR 1200) per month for part of PhD and SEK 15000 (EUR 1500) per month for holders of a PhD-degree. Scholarships for master’s degree studies will also cover the cost of tuition, which is introduced in January 2011.

Scholarship holders in this program will also receive one travel grant of SEK 5000, paid upon arrival in Sweden. Students attending two-year master programs will receive one extra travel support according to the sum mentioned above at the end of their first academic year in Sweden.

Scholarship holders are insured by the Swedish State Group Insurance against illness and accident during the scholarship period.

Who is eligible?
The scholarships are intended for guest students/researchers for full time temporary studies in Sweden starting in fall semester 2011. There is no age limit for scholarship holders.

You are not eligible for this scholarship if any of the following is true:
You have already lived in Sweden for two years or more when the scholarship period is due to begin.
You have a Swedish permanent residence permit or a work permit.
You have previously been awarded a Swedish Institute scholarship for studies at the master’s level or research at a Swedish university.

For information about Swedish Institute Scholarship Programs: http://studyinsweden.se/scholarships/swedish-institute-scholarships/

The Swedish-Turkish Scholarship Program is part of the Swedish Institute Scholarship Programs.