How Diplomacy Makes and Unmakes Peace” by

Prof. Markus Kornprobst


8 October 2018  - 14:00

santralistanbul Campus

Energy Museum - Seminar Room




Prof. Markus Kornprobst delivered his presentation entitled “How Diplomacy Makes and Unmakes Peace” in the seminar organized by the European Institute and Department of International Relations of Istanbul Bilgi University in collaboration with Austrian Cultural Forum Istanbul. 

You can see the seminar program below.






14:00 Welcome Speech

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kaya – İstanbul Bilgi University, Director of European Institute, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Department of International Relations


14:15 Seminar: “How Diplomacy Makes and Unmakes Peace"

Prof. Dr. Markus Kornprobst, Chair in International Relations at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna


15:15 Q&A