Populism: Far-right or mainstream?

On 27 December 2017, European Institute organized the panel titled "Populism: Far-right or mainstream?". The panelists were Emre Erdogan, Ayhan Kaya and Ayse Tecmen.


Emre Erdogan highlighted the abundance of theoretical discussions surrounding the nature of populism. Through an overview of his research on the extant literature he argued that populism can be considered a paradigm. His discussion informed the audience about the various approaches to the concept, which included the diverse conceptualisations of populism.


Ayhan Kaya discussed the findings from the CoHERE project, particularly the fieldwork conducted for WP2 exploring the role of the past for populist parties and movements' discourse. He gave a detailed overview of populist discourse in Europe and the common strategies they deploy to communicate with the public.


Ayse Tecmen discussed public diplomacy and nation branding. She discussed the similarities among  nation branding and populism as they can both be considered communications strategies. Based on the findings from the CoHERE project she examined Brand Turkey as a reflection of the populist discourse in Turkey.







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