International Summer School Program at BİLGİ, July 4- August 15, 2008

A 6-week summer school program will be held at İstanbul Bilgi University in 2008 for international students. Participants to the Summer School will earn credits for 2 interdisciplinary courses in social sciences, humanities and media studies. Besides its academic contributions, students will have a chance to explore Istanbul, one of the most exciting cities in the world, a vibrant metropolis with 2000 years of heritage.

Courses: Students will choose 2 courses from the list. Course descriptions below.

“Istanbul: City and Civilization in the Eastern Mediterranean World”

“Islam and the West”

“Pop Culture in Turkey: Media, Arts, and Lifestyle”

Language of instruction: English. Proficiency in academic English required.

Lecturers: Full time teaching staff of Istanbul Bilgi University

Contact hours: Each course has 5 hours of lectures every week and a study trip

Credits: Each course has 3 Istanbul Bilgi University credits based on lecture hours or the equivalent 6 ECTS credits based on student workload.

Transcript of Records: Official transcript at the end of the program issued by the Bilgi Registrar

Location: Dolapdere campus

Accommodation: Bilgi Residence Hall

Participants: International students from Northwestern University (USA), partner universities in Canada and Bilgi’s Erasmus partners in Europe

Fees: 3750 USD

Fees include:
Registration for 2 courses

Online access to course reading materials and pre-arrival information packet

A study trip in Istanbul for each course

Seminar: Current issues in Turkish politics and society

City tour: Imperial center (Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet-Blue-Mosque, Ibrahim Pasha Palace- The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern- Yerebatan Sarnici)

Day trip to Prince Islands

Out of town excursion to Safranbolu with overnight stay at a traditional Ottoman house converted into Bed&Breakfast

Survival Turkish classes


6 weeks stay at Bilgi Residence Hall (central city location, 2 person rooms with bathroom, computer lab, study hall, kitchenettes on every floor, laundry facilities, daily room cleaning and simple breakfast included)

Airport transfers on arrival and departure

Shuttle service between dorms and campus on lecture days

Use of library and computer labs

Not included in the fees: Airfare, health insurance, meals (expect to spend about 20 USD per day), museum tickets, use of Dolapdere Sports Hall


July 4………… Arrival and check-in at the Residence Hall
July 7………….Classes begin
August 14……..Last day of classes
August 15……..Check-out and departure

13:30-16:00 1st week: Orientation and Seminar

10:00-12:30 1st week Imperial Center city tour

10:00-12:30 Islam & the West
13:30-16:00 1st week: Survival Turkish

10:00-12:30 City & Civilization
13:30-16:00 Popular Culture

10:00-12:30 Islam & the West
13:30-16:00 1st week: Survival Turkish

10:00-12:30 City & Civilization
13:30-16:00 Popular Culture

1st week: C&C study trip
2nd week: I&W study trip
3rd week: Pop. Cult. study trip
4th week: Overnight trip to Safranbolu
5th week: Day trip to Prince Islands

For information on the application procedures please contact the International Office:
Tel: +90 212 311 5217
Fax: +90 212 253 4701

Course Descriptions:

“Istanbul: City and Civilization in the Eastern Mediterranean World”
Instructor: Assoc.Prof. Christoph Neumann , Department of History

This course introduces students to the long-term historical transformation of Constantinople/Istanbul. The political, cultural, socio-economic and physical continuities and changes of Constantinople/Istanbul from Byzantine times until the present, are highlighted with an emphasis on the themes of space, state power and popular resistance. By focusing on the city’s monuments and physical urban landscape within a socio-political and religio-cultural context, issues such as the projection of imperial power by the state, urban planning and resettlement policies, as well as the effect of modernity and nationalism on the urban landscape will be explored. Students will learn to approach urban environments in a critical way.

Study tour: “The social life of Ottoman Istanbul” concentrating on a number of ancient quarters in the historic center of the city.

“Islam and the West”
Instructor: Assoc. Prof. Ayhan Kaya, Department of Political Science

This course examines historical and contemporary debates on Islam and its relation to the West by using theoretical insights from multiculturalism, colonialism, orientalism, occidentalism, imperialism, modernization, post-colonialism, post-communism, globalization and mysticism. A historical account of the early encounters between Islam and the Judeo-Christian West will be provided first. This will be followed by an analysis of the Western perceptions of Islam during the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, paving the way for the modern conceptions of Islam and the Islamic world in the Western hemisphere. Special attention will be paid to the rise of the West as the superior power of the modern world and its impact on the relation of the two civilizations in negotiating various forms and patterns of encounter, challenge, rejection, reaction, and adaptation.

Study tour: Pera (Beyoglu), the “European” quarter of Istanbul in the 19th century

“Pop Culture in Turkey: Media, Arts, and Lifestyle”
Instructor: Assoc. Prof. Asli Tunc, Department of Communication

This course examines the social functions of popular culture in Turkey with particular emphasis on the period from 1980s to the present. It asks how popular culture is produced and consumed, and how the social function of specific forms (e.g. music, television, cinema, fashion, youth cultures) has altered the country in the last two decades. The course examines the distinctive ways in which popular culture, whether from Turkey or overseas, has developed. It analyses how certain cultural forms have been perceived as typically "Turkish" while others have been perceived as "foreign." The social and political consequences of such perceptions will be examined. Since the changing urban culture of modernity steadily generates new meanings of leisure and popular culture, the urban landscape becomes the representational space of different social and spatial practices. This course also aims to explore the ongoing urban transformation of the city of Istanbul with respect to the evolving popular culture and the new concept of leisure in the city.

Study tour: Visit to Istanbul Modern art museum and santralistanbul which changed the modern arts, culture and leisure scene in Istanbul.