The Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR) of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) organised the 2008 European International Relations Summer School session for PhD students. The EIRSS 2008 was hosted by Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of International Relations, Istanbul, Turkey, on July 7-19, 2008.

Call for applications: January 1, 2008
Deadline for applications: February 15, 2008
Application files must reach Istanbul Bilgi University by mail before deadline.
Who may apply?
Applicants should be currently enrolled as doctoral students in institutions of higher education. While preference will be given to students, of whatever nationality, from European universities, applications from other students are also welcome.
Maximum of 20 students will be admitted to the EIRSS 2008.
The students are expected to attend all the courses delivered at the Summer School, as well as participate pre-course activities (preparatory online teaching) starting in May 2008. Individual instructions on the required papers for the EIRSS 2008 will be given before the EIRSS actually starts. The requirements for each student entail the preparation and presentation of 3 papers: an individual research paper and two 1500-2500 word papers for any two of the four modules. All papers will be handed in advance of the Summer School.
Lectures and workshops will take place at Dolapdere Campus of Istanbul Bilgi University. Students enrolled in the EIRSS 2008 will be granted access to the University’s computer facilities and will have reading rights in the University library.
The Summer School students may use the gym and the indoor swimming pool at Dolapdere Campus for a fee.
Accommodation is available at Bilgi’s Tophane Dormitory in two-person rooms at the rate of €15 per night per person. The price includes bed and breakfast. Accommodation requests should be submitted along with the application requests.
Tuition fees:
• € 150 for students from ECPR member institutions
• € 175 for all other students
The costs of one-day Istanbul excursion and the study trip are included in the tuition fee.
The EIRSS 2008 is highly subsidized by the ECPR, SGIR and Istanbul Bilgi University. However, students from ECPR member institutions may further apply for a grant towards their costs for tuition, travel and accommodation to the ECPR Mobility Fund. (For ECPR Mobility Fund, please contact: