Applications Open for BILGI European Studies Masters Program

The BİLGİ MA in European Studies Program, launched in 2000, enters its 11th year and expects individulas endeavouring to spacialise in the field.

The BİLGİ MA in European Studies Program, launched in 2000, enters its 11th year. Students with high academic achievement will be accepted on board to BİLGİ/Viadrina MA program.

The academic cooperation with the European University Viadrina near Berlin, is an exemplary relationship, which started as a two-way exchange of students and academics, leading finally to an enhanced collaboration agreement between the two Universities.

The BİLGİ/Viadrina MA in European Studies program has started in the 2008-9 Academic Year. Selected students with high GPAs enrolled in the BİLGİ MA in European Studies program will study within two different cultural systems and make use of several languages. In return, graduates will not only gain an insight into life in two very different European cities and their universities, but also prepare themselves for a rapidly changing world of work across the European continent. The program aims to offer education in the field of European Studies. The BİLGİ/Viadrina program will offer the students the opportunity to gain a "double perspective" on the various developments in European integration, both from a Turkish and European point of view. The initial phase of the program is funded through Istanbul Bilgi University annual budget, as well as through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The MA Program, organized in collaboration with the European University Viadrina, offers various scholarship and internship opportunities for successful candidates.