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In the history of humanity, France is a country where social riots are experienced much more. It is a commonly used method for the French to change the system or to make various arrangements. Just like the 1789 revolution.
I think, today, the "Yellow Vests" riot in France should be considered in this context.

Well, who are these “Yellow Vests”?

Although there is no clear classification of the activists, it is understood that most are people with low-income levels, and right-wing populists and a few people from the far-left. It is also thought-provoking that people from the far-right populists are involved in street actions. Their practice is not common the history of France. There is no hierarchical or systematic structure in the demonstrators. This explains the spontaneous violence in actions. 4 people lost their lives for direct and indirect reasons. Through the development of the event, although their numbers are not known very well, some unions, precariat, high school youths and left elites were also added to support the events.


Why are they wearing yellow vests? 

guess the exact function of these vests explains the subject. They want to be noticed. They want to end of contempt. Contempt is not only a situation that is unique to third world countries, it has become a reality that faced in Europe today. Government powers contempt for low-income people. They are unable to solve the problems of these people. Macron's statement during a demonstration to someone who made an ironic comment about his suit, "work, and you could be have, too" is the best example of his approaching social problems with degrading political discourse.

The formal explanation is that; the last tax increase in diesel prices led to these actions. What is interesting is how the events came to this point? The fact that, as the political point of view, there is not a single type of group, and that the events reached this point shows the discomfort of the general public. In other words, it is the best indicator that the extreme neoliberal policies discontent a wide range of the public. At the beginning of the problems, the lower income groups were crushed under the tax burden, while the taxes on the wealthy sector be reduced. As you know, one of the first applications of the Macron administration was the abolition of the wealth tax. But, of course, it's not surprising. While he was the minister, he was known for his neoliberal stance.

In an interview with the observer, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, one of the leaders of the May 1968 student riots and one of Macron’s friends and advisers, said the president and the government needed a “complete reset …and a tax revolution” to answer protesters’ demands.

Looking at the social conjuncture that led to the events, we can see different practices in different parts of the world today, and in some countries within the EU, governments are moving away from the social state principles and closer to the capital groups for free market functioning. Especially, the fact that an elected official like Macron, whose supporters about the 18%, made some tax improvements in favor of capital sector, seems to have made the community's lower-income group quite angry.

In France, there is a phrase used for the lower income group: "Lower France". Although we witnessed these actions started in Lower France, as I mentioned above, it has expanded with the support of different sectors such as the precariat, and the left elite.

The actions of people who demand rights must be free from violence, but politically severe. As a result of the protests, the configurations given by the last explanation of the Macron do not cover the entire 42 articles of the yellow jackets;

As a result;

-The actions of the "Yellow Vest" seem to continue to attract the attention of the world in regard to how the social state perspective will evolve or be structured in the future. The steps France will take to end the events seem to reshape the perception of the social state and then the world's social state. These protests appear to be an indication that the welfare state in the field of intellectual economics is debating along with debates of the global crisis, those who are not the elites.

-The French Left may also have to review why it is unable to establish a relationship with "Lower France". Because, in the long term, if a more constructive outcome is encountered in the direction of the social state, it can be interpreted as a very successful action in the context of the right wing of Lower France. This may also cause the left to make its own self-criticisms.

-On the other hand, this may lead other EU countries to review their domestic policies, which are diverging from the principle of the social state. Because the activities starting with France, extending to Belgium today, clearly show that the neo-liberal policies of the EU countries receive a reaction from the masses.

-The police’s, the use of disproportionate force against the actions of the French people sometimes reveals that the question of democracy should be questioned.

-Because the response of people with art in revealing social reactions does not coincide with violence. In these protests, the video of the woman dancing between the gas capsules, who performed the activities accompanied by music and dance, resonated all over the world.


-In a new of “The Guardian”, a demonstrator said that, by changing the clothes wearing like GiletsJaunes, police took place in the violence activity in the streets. If these allegations are true, it is possible that the debates on the issue of “the democratic regime turn into repressive regime” in France are going to be on the agenda.

-The disproportionate use of force of the police to high school students has caused a reaction in the last demonstrations (07 Dec) as well. This has become a very intense and symbolic response in recent demonstrations.




It should not be forgotten that the words of “Equality, Freedom, Fraternity”, which are the motto of the French Revolution, were manifested in written and oral forms in the demonstrations. This shows that Right of French people did not lose to obtain his right with the spirit of their own, rather than a violent and aggressive attitude.

Because the right to protest in democracies is the most fundamental freedom of the people and the rightful platform to hold governments accountable which is a right secured in the constitution.

Hope that the French people will be at peace...


Written by: D. Ekin Doruk


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